Artikel der Austauschschülerin Nuren Alahee, aus Bangladesh

Hello, my name is Nuren Alahee. I’m a 17 year old exchange student from Bangladesh currently studying in Private Realschule Gut Warnberg. I’ve been living in Munich for a 4 days now, and as cliche as it may sound, I feel like I’m at home, away from home.

Munich is a beautiful place which has welcomed me and treated me very well since the day I arrived. I already love it here so much. 

Before I arrived, I was extremely worried and nervous about living in Germany for 5 whole weeks because neither do I speak the language, nor am I familiar with the culture and weather. It never snows in Bangladesh, and the lowest it gets is 10°C. But all of my worries disappeared as soon as I arrived because of how friendly and welcoming everyone has been to me. I am living with a wonderful family that has been extremely helpful, making my transition very smooth. 

I started classes from the 8th of January in grade 10, which was extremely daunting in the beginning but has been exceptionally amazing so far. The class comprises of 14 boys and 5 girls (6 now, including me) who have been tremendously cordial and accommodating. It feels a lot like my school back home. The students speak to me in English and explain lessons in German to me whenever I feel lost. 

I can already tell that the next 4 weeks here is going to be immensely enjoyable for me. I can’t wait to make new friends and memories.